Greenland Glaciers Now Moving to Sea 30% Faster Than 10 Years Ago

That Greenland's glaciers are melting is taken as a given these days, as is the fact that if they melt entirely they'll add significantly to global sea level rise. What some new research shows though is a mixed bag: As the headline indicates, Greenland's glaciers that flow into the sea are moving there 30% faster by 2011 than they had been in 2000.

Sounds bad, but according to the scientists doing the research it's not a worst-case scenario right now and predictions of six feet of sea level rise by 2100 aren't currently in the cards. That said, the low projections of 8" of sea level rise are well within reach, the scientists note.

It's worth noting, that some quite prestigious climate scientists maintain that business as usual carbon emissions mean that worst-case scenario is likely to come to pass.

Read more (which glaciers are moving fastest and how much): Reuters

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