Glaciers in Karakoram Range Buck Worldwide Trend, Put on Mass Instead of Retreating

Some new research done by a team of French scientists confirms that glaciers in the Karakoram range (west of the Himalayan range and often mentioned as part of the same set of mountains) are bucking the worldwide trend of glaciers retreating.

Based on satellite date the French team reports that glaciers in this region are actually putting on mass slightly, BBC News reports:

The team found that between 1999 and 2008 the mass of the glaciers in this 5,615 sq km region of the Karakoram increased marginally, although there was wide variations between individual glaciers.

Putting this in context, the USGS says that though glaciers in South Asia are retreating and climate change is causing this,

Some of the advancing glaciers are surge-type glaciers, which move forward more rapidly than average in a short period of time...likely due to unique and local conditions.

Check out the related links to the left for how this relates to climate change more broadly.

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