Iceberg Twice the Size of Manhattan Crumbles Away from Greenland

Greenland just got one New York City-sized glacier smaller. NPR reports:

A huge iceberg that's about twice the size of Manhattan has broken off the Petermann Glacier in Greenland — the same sheet of ice that just two years ago "calved" another massive berg.

"It's dramatic. It's disturbing," University of Delaware professor Andreas Muenchow, tells The Associated Press. "We have data for 150 years and we see changes that we have not seen before. ... It's one of the manifestations that Greenland is changing very fast."

NASA caught all the action on satellite. Going,

nasa glacierNASA/Public Domain


nasa glacier 2NASA/Public Domain


nasa glacier 3NASA/Public Domain

Christopher Mims quips:

Seriously. How many Little Rocks was that? Ever consider that, you ivory tower-dwelling latte sippers? How many Dallases? Biloxis?

Maybe that's why so many folks in the south don't believe in climate change—no context. Little Rock spans 116 square miles, which means the iceberg was about half the size of that entire city. We just lost a chunk of ice half the size of Little Rock!

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