Glacial Balance documentary shows how distant glaciers impact billions of lives

Glacial Balance documentary
Screen capture Glacial Balance

Glacial Balance, directed by Ethan Steinman, is a new documentary that looks at the impact of climate change on glaciers, and how that affects people and ecosystems from the top of mountain to the bottom of valleys (it's all connected).

The filmmakers go on a "journey along the spine of the Andes mountain range, from Colombia to Argentina to know the individuals and lives of those who are first affected by the dwindling tropical glacier reserve, the canaries in the mine. Along the way, they are accompanied by scientists who give them a perspective on what is happening and what we can expect."

Here's the official teaser for the film:

Some big names have written about the film:

"Mountain glacier demise preludes the fate of the great ice sheets on Greenland and Antarctica, if humanity does not come to its senses soon. Steinman’s film wakes us up to the danger by hearing directly from the ones suffering the consequences of society’s inaction." --James Hansen, Fmr. Head, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies

Few things are changing as fast on our home planet as the cryosphere–the frozen portion of the earth’s surface, which is melting quickly. And nowhere faster or with more grievous effect than along the Andes, as this piercing film makes clear! --Bill McKibben, Author, Educator, Environmentalist

Here are two other short trailers:

Everything else you need to know about the film, including how to see it, can be found on the official website: Glacial Balance

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