Fox News reports on consequences of climate change! Yes, really!

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Has the dark wave of anti-science disinformation finally crested here in the United States? Is it possible we've passed the point of peak climate change denial? Perhaps!

Shauna Theel at Media Matters reports that Fox News, "the same show that once wondered whether moon volcanoes meant global warming wasn't occurring" has just reported on the dangerous and costly consequences of climate change.

Theel writes:

Sure, the Fox News reporter felt the need to tack on the inane disclaimer that "there are those that are skeptical of climate change and feel that a lot of the data out there has been sort of bloated a little bit." But this segment is a big step forward for a network that once directed its reporters to cast doubt on the basic fact that the planet has warmed and has misled its audience in 93 percent of its coverage according to an analysis from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

The report in question, released July 11, found that our unrestrained greenhouse gas emissions will lead to more power disruptions, and noted that many of these impacts are already being felt -- drought in Texas, wildfires in the Southwest, flooding in the Midwest, and other events connected to climate change have caused blackouts and billions of dollars of damage.

Fox News isn't alone in coming around on the scientific reality of global warming. Members of the coal industry even acknowledged the problem following President Obama's new climate plan. No doubt, it is great to see that the reality of climate change is finally breaking through some of the last holdouts of climate change denial. Unfortunately, a disproportionately high number of members of Congress still deny climate change, which has led President Obama to rely on only executive actions to address the crisis. Hopefully we're nearing a point where it will no longer be politically tenable for politicians to remain in denial and we can get serious about taking action.

Fox News reports on consequences of climate change! Yes, really!
Well, this is rare. Fox News shifts from outright denial to actually reporting on negative consequences of climate change.

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