The Fight Against Climate Change Skeptics Gets an Anthem with "Denial Tango"

Fighting to convince skeptics that man made climate change is a reality can be frustrating- there's just so much evidence that shows that it's a reality. If moves like the GOP's vote to officially deny climate change has you contemplating throwing in the towel, it might be time for a little humor. "Denial Tang," from Australian group Men with Day Jobs is just what you need.

The song hits the nail on the head with lines like, "And as the waters rise around me / I'll just hold my breath and say it isn't so," and:

Those fires are not raging, no floods deluge the land,
Those hurricanes and tornadoes are just flashes in the pan,
The animals are doing fine, no species dying out,
And half the bloody planet isn't choking in drought!

The song isn't going to change any minds, but it's a good way to have a laugh and recharge your batteries for the next debate.

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