Fewer Americans Believe Climate Change Is Not Happening Than We Think

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It sounds a bit mind game-ish tongue twister-ish but according to the latest edition of Yale University's ongoing series of surveys about American's attitudes and beliefs about climate change and what is or isn't causing it, it's the truth.

The Climate Change in the American Mind report says, as of March 2012, just 14% of people in the US don't believe the the world is warming, the climate is changing, the weather is weirding, or however you want to phrase it. But when asked to estimate how many people in the nation think that way, people put that figure at 21%.

Perhaps not a life changing realization but interesting.

At the same time, the percentage of people in the US who believe the planet is warming (which, remember, it is and continues to) stands now at 66%, up 3% since last November. Interestingly though, now less than half of people surveyed attributed that warming to human activities (46%), a drop since the last survey was conducted (it was 50%). Furthermore, now just 35% of Americans think that most scientists think global warming is happening, a drop of six percentage points over the past several months.

As Yale's Dr Anthony Leiserowitz says,

There is a critical disconnect between the perceived and actual levels of public and scientists' acceptance of global warming. The relatively small proportion of people in the United States who dismiss global warming are highly vocal, which creates the impression of more climate disbelief than actually exists.

Worth noting, the results of this survey show considerably fewer Americans believing the planet is warming than some other surveys. Last September a Reuters poll said roughly 80% of Americans thought so.

Whichever is the more accurate figure, both point to a central fact: A clear majority of people in the nation think there's something screwy going on with the climate.

Fewer Americans Believe Climate Change Is Not Happening Than We Think
The latest of Yale University's surveys on American attitudes towards climate change also shows that two-thirds of people now believe the planet is warming, but fewer attribute it to human activity.

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