Is The Extreme Weather This Year Due To Climate Change?

The New York Times is usually circumspect about climate change, but Justin Gillis writes an article that is if not quite unequivocal, is pretty close to coming out and blaming the extreme weather events of the past year on climate change. He is also suggests we may never know for sure, because the government is essentially shutting down the scientific study of it.

Scientists say they could, in theory, do a much better job of answering the question “Did global warming have anything to do with it?” after extreme weather events like the drought in Texas and the floods in New England.

But for many reasons, efforts to put out prompt reports on the causes of extreme weather are essentially languishing. Chief among the difficulties that scientists face: the political environment for new climate-science initiatives has turned hostile, and with the federal budget crisis, money is tight.

And so, as the weather becomes more erratic by the year, the public is left to wonder what is going on.

That's because the Republicans in congress call such research "propaganda." Sigh. Read it all in the New York Times.

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