Everything You Need to Know to Convincingly Argue in Favor of Climate Action in 15 Minutes

roberts climate talkDavid Roberts, Grist/Screen capture

Grist's climate and energy policy writer David Roberts has put together perhaps the bluntest, grimmest climate talk you'll ever see delivered on a TED-affiliated stage. That doesn't mean you shouldn't watch it, though—on the contrary, he hits the bullet points behind the climate crisis in a fairly memorable fashion.

He frames the talk as a result of a challenge issued on Twitter—he was debating some prominent left-leaning commentators who said they always shy away from discussing climate change because they don't know enough about the complex issue to defend the position that we should be addressing it. Roberts' retort was that he could bring them adequately up to speed in under 15 minutes.

And that's what you're ostensibly going to watch ...

Everything you need to know about climate change in order to form a convincing argument that something needs to be done to adress the coming crisis. Roberts has more commentary and a breakdown of the slides over at Grist.

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