Discovery to Air Frozen Planet Marathon on Earth Day (Attenborough Version)

Frozen Planet© Discovery Channel/BBC/Chadden Hunter

Wondering What to Do on Earth Day?

While we loved Alec Baldwin's narration of the U.S. version of Frozen Planet, there's always something special that happens when Sir David Attenborough narrates and nature documentary. That's why this Sunday, on Earth Day, we'll be glued to our screen to watch Discovery's Frozen Planet marathon (the Attenborough version).

Frozen Planet© Discovery Channel/BBC

Starting on 2 PM E/T on Sunday, the marathon will begin and air the first 6 episodes, and on 8 PM E/T the event will culminate with the U.S. premiere of “On Thin Ice” (also narrated by Attenborough). It's the final episode of Frozen Planet, and it investigates what "rising temperatures mean for the people and wildlife that live at the poles — and for the rest of life on earth."

So you now know what to do to celebrate Earth Day. Check out this amazing nature documentary on the Discovery Channel, starting at 2 PM E/T, with the 7th episode 'On Thin Ice" airing at 8 PM E/T.

Of course, for those who don't know, Discovery owns TreeHugger, so I want to make that clear. But even if they didn't, I'd still want to watch Frozen Planet again. It's just that good.

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