Coolest Summers By Mid-Century Could Be Hotter Than Hottest Of 20th Century

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photo: Kullez/Creative Commons

Next time you switch on the AC when it just hits 80°F consider that you'd be better served by getting used to warmer temperatures and adapting yourself to it: According to new research to be published in Climatic Change, without reductions in the greenhouse gas emissions (which remember don't show any sign of letting up absent far far more concerted political, corporate and consumer action) the coolest summers by the middle of this century and going to be hotter than the hottest of the 20th. The study's lead author, quoted in Science Daily:

According to our projections, large areas of the globe are likely to warm up so quickly that, by the middle of this century, even the coolest summers will be hotter than the hottest summers of the past 50 years.

The study says that the tropics could see "the permanent emergence of unprecedented summer heat" as soon as 2030.

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