CNN Meteorologist Connects Extreme Weather to Climate Change (Video)

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Behold! An informed, articulate comment about how extreme weather is related to climate change, made right there in the CNN newsroom. By a TV meteorologist, that notorious species of climate skeptic! On the air, mid-banter, breezily, confidently. Granted, her foil does seem a little uncomfortable with such frank discussion of what is understood by corporate media as a "controversial" issue, but baby steps, my dears!


Indeed—"the colds are colder and warms are warmer and severe is more severe." That is what climate change doing. Well done, Mrs. Steele. Well done.

Joe Romm wagers that "Thanks to this off the charts extreme weather and the growing body of scientific literature attributing it to human-caused global warming, we are starting to see more and more journalists, meteorologists and climate scientists make the connection."

I hope that he's right.

CNN Meteorologist Connects Extreme Weather to Climate Change (Video)
I certainly wish we didn't live in a media environment in which this is notable news ...

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