Climate scientists step out from behind the data to share their personal stories

More Than Scientists
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Representing the 97% of climate scientists who know climate change is real and that humans are causing it, More Than Scientists shares the message that climate change is personal.

A new campaign focused on climate change brings together climate scientists, climate advocacy organizations, and the public to present a new angle on one of the world's most pressing issues. This time, however, instead of focusing just on the science, climate scientists are spreading the message that climate change is personal, and weighing in on what it will mean for our kids and our grandkids.

When it comes to the science of climate change, even the fact that there's a clear consensus from the experts who study it (with about 97% in agreement) isn't enough to sway the general public that something needs to shift in a big way to avoid a devastating future.

The new More Than Scientists video campaign, from the The Climate Change Education Project, uses the power of personal stories to humanize climate science (and climate scientists) in a bid to get more people involved in climate issues and focused on climate solutions.

"We represent the more than 97% of scientists who believe climate change is happening, that it is due to our actions and that it is within our power to keep it from being devastating.

But we aren’t just scientists inside labs and academia. We are people like you, with hopes and dreams and loved ones. We are mothers, fathers, farmers, fishermen, hikers, hunters, …

… And we’re concerned."

This playlist is a great place to get start watching the videos from the More Than Scientists campaign:

For more information, see More Than Scientists (and if you're a scientist and want to join, you can add your video here).

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