Climate change makes hurricanes less likely to hit NYC

new york hurricane
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Climate change is making all kinds of extreme weather events more likely, from floods to droughts to tropical storms. However, a new report published in the National Academy of Science of the United States suggests that another super storm like Hurricane Sandy is less likely to hit New York. “What made Sandy so different was that it was steered into the coast rather than away from it,” Elizabeth Barnes, author of the report, told Raw Story:

"The researchers used climate models, based on a tripling of greenhouse gas emissions by 2100, to study whether future atmospheric conditions would be more or less likely to blow a storm like Sandy westwards into the Atlantic coast.
They found future air patterns under climate change make a repeat of such a rare event even less likely. Wind and atmospheric conditions, including changes in the jet stream, would be more likely to push major storms further offshore, away from the big population centres along the Atlantic coast, the researchers found."

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Climate change makes hurricanes less likely to hit NYC
Although global warming makes severe storms more likely, the chances of one hitting New York are lower according to a new report.