Climate Change Hitting Europe Hard, Going To Get Worse

Massive global investors are warning that climate change is a grave threat to our economy. Prominent scientists are calling for a moratorium on fossil fuel infrastructure. New York and New Jersey are devastated by a frankenstorm. And the world's most powerful man says climate change is real but it is not realistic to expect immediate, urgent action.

There comes a time when you start to wonder whether more and more studies pointing to the crisis we face are really going to make a difference. But here's another one, just in case.

The BBC reports on a new European Environment Agency report that says climate change is already evident across Europe, and is set to get a lot worse:

Every indicator we have in terms of giving us an early warning of climate change and increasing vulnerability is giving us a very strong signal," observed EEA executive director Jacqueline McGlade. "It is across the board, it is not just global temperatures," she told BBC News.

"It is in human health aspects, in forests, sea levels, agriculture, biodiversity - the signals are coming in from right across the environment."

With CO2 emissions hitting new highs, and data showing consistent warming for the past 28 years, you really have to start wonder what is holding us back. 77% of Americans think fighting climate change should be a priority. Brits want more wind power, more solar, more subsidies. Europeans fear climate change more than the economic crisis.

Next time someone calls you an environmental radical, tell them (politely) to shut the ____ up.

Climate Change Hitting Europe Hard, Going To Get Worse
A new report from the European Environment Agency once again reveals the dangerous folly of ignoring climate change.

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