The Calving Glacier Heard 'Round the World (Video)

A couple days ago, an iceberg twice the size of Manhattan broke off from Greenland. I covered the story when it first broke, complete with NASA photos and snarky Twitter comments, and the rogue iceberg eventually reverberated across the mainstream media universe. Evening news, late night talk shows, all-caps blog post headlines, etc.

A group called Newsy has spliced together a worthwhile menagerie of the heaps of commentary and reportage on the runaway berg. Kerri Williams, a rep who sent me the vid, wrote to explain Newsy's mission:

Newsy videos pulls from multiple sources to cover all sides of the story. Particularly with climate change where people are so polarized, I believe perspective becomes even more necessary in the news/media coverage.
It sure does. Although I might not have opted for PlanetSave's hyperventilating commentary, it's generally a nice synopsis of how the media digested the iceberg story. If Newsy keeps deftly making the climate link in major news stories, it will be well worth keeping them on your radar.

The Calving Glacier Heard 'Round the World (Video)
The 2X Manhattan iceberg made waves in the media. Here's a digest of the best commentary and footage.

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