Arctic Sea Ice Melt On Track To Set New Record Low in 2011

arctic ice summer pools of water photo

photo: NASA Goddard Photo and Video/Creative Commons

New images from the National Snow and Ice Data Center show the Arctic Sea Ice extent in the first half of July continues to rapidly decline, to the extent that it is tracking below what was seen in 2007, when the record minimum summer record was set. Persistent above average temperatures and an early start to seasonal melting were cited as causing the rapid melting.NSIDC reports that as of July 17th Arctic sea ice extent was 7.56 million square kilometers, 2.24 million sq km below the 1979-2000 average. In the first two weeks of July nearly 120,000 sq km of ice were lost per day.

arctic sea ice extent july 2011 image

Image: NSIDC

Read more on the early snow melting and high temperatures behind this: NSIDC
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