Activists organize a sit-in outside the stock exchange

Flood Wall Street
© Manon Verchot

Thousands of activists gathered in Battery Park this morning for the Flood Wall Street sit-in. Dressed in blue, they blocked traffic as they made their way up to Wall Street chanting "People gonna rise with the water, we gonna calm crisis down..."

The New York Police Department lined the streets, blocking off access to the Stock Exchange and many streets in the financial district. By 12, people were sitting down on Broadway. The goal for many is to get arrested for non-violent civil disobedience in front of the companies they say are exacerbating climate change.

Flood wall street protest climate change© Manon Verchot
climate change march© Manon Verchot

"I think peaceful marches are great, but I don't think they really necessarily change a thing," Terri Nilliasca, from the Damayan Migrant Workers Association, told TreeHugger. "You have to do civil disobedience."

Though many protesters hope to get arrested today, some have just come to show support. Those that want to avoid arrest will be warned to leave if the police begins to close in.

"It's about diversity of tactics," Barry Knight, one of the protesters told TreeHugger. "Yesterday was great because of the sheer numbers and the exposure it may have gotten, today will be effective in the aspect that it will just be disruptive. I think more people need to wake up. We need a critical mass of people despite having 300,000 there yesterday. I really think we need 3 million plus people. This movement has to grow."

Protesters were joined by city council members Ydanis Rodriguez and Jumaane Williams, calling for change from politicians.

Bystanders watched from the buildings nearby as the crowds chanted, sang and sat. "That's part of New York - that's part of the flavor!" one of them told us.

Protesters climate march flood wall street© Manon Verchot

Flood wall street protest© Manon Verchot

Activists organize a sit-in outside the stock exchange
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