97 climate scientists are drawn as charming cartoons to show consensus on global warming

97 Hours of Consensus by Skeptical Science
CC BY 3.0 Skeptical Science

There’s a 97 percent consensus among climate scientists that global warming is real, as temperatures and levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide continue to set records each year. Yet there are still many people who haven’t woken up to this reality, and too many media sources and politicians present the issue as if it's up for debate.

To bring attention to the scientific agreement around this issue, Skeptical Science has created 97 Hours of Consensus, featuring quotes from 97 prominent climate experts. The scientists are presented in friendly cartoon form, although they’re delivering some pretty devastating news. A different scientist is featured every hour.

The group of scientists starts with Michael E. Mann, best known for creating the Hockey Stick graph. From there, the series features a pretty diverse set of researchers:

From performance art and perfume, to calendars and theater, it’s encouraging to see how many different approaches are being used to raise awareness about climate change. The issue needs as much attention at it can get.

Hat tip to Phil Plat.

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