77% of Americans Think Fighting Climate Change Should be a Priority

We Americans have garnered ourselves quite a little reputation as foot-dragging obstructionists when it comes to global warming; the arctic is melting, our crops are drying out, the problem is staring us in the face, the rational world is moving to act, and our politicians and pundits blather on about sunspots and debunked conspiracy theories.

But no more! A post-Sandy America cries out. Or at least 77% of us do. The latest survey from the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication finds that many Americans want to address climate change. From the said study: "A large majority of Americans (77%) say global warming should be a “very high” (18%), “high” (25%), or “medium” priority (34%) for the president and Congress. One in four (23%) say it should be a low priority."

One if four Americans evidently don't live in flood zones or the American southwest. And here's the interesting part of the study—a vast majority of Americans say they're willing to pay more for electricity to combat climate change if that's what it takes:

A large majority of Americans (88%) say the U.S. should make an effort to reduce global warming, even if it has economic costs. A plurality (44%) favors a medium-scale effort, even if it has moderate economic costs. One in four (24%) supports a large-scale effort even if there are large economic costs.

Interesting. The only thing that Americans are even more united around is clean energy—92% say the government should make developing renewable power sources a priority.

77% of Americans Think Fighting Climate Change Should be a Priority
A new Yale poll finds consensus growing around climate action in the United States.

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