Extreme Weather During 2012 Second Only to 2005 in Ferocity (Video)

2012 Extreme Weather SandyYoutube/Screen capture

The Year of Weird Weather

Paul Douglas, the Chief Meteorologist of WeatherNation, did an excellent review of the past year’s extreme weather events. Sandy is most recent and fresh in everybody's memory (Paul describes it as the biggest storm he's seen in 40 years of tracking the weather), but it's also good to be reminded of all the other strange weather events from 2012. Check out the video below:

While no single event can be shown to have a direct link with global warming, such a string of weird weather events certainly is consistent with what we should expect from a warming atmosphere. We need to move faster to de-carbonize (so to speak) our civilization and stop messing with our planet's atmosphere. It's the only one we have, let's take care of it.

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