16 Clever Uses for Binder Clips

Photo: drbakker/flickr.

I've always believed that you can fix just about anything with duct tape, olive oil, safety pins and a Sharpie. Add binder clips to the mix and the emergency hack kit is pretty much complete. As technology changes the nature of office supplies, the good old binder clip is seeing less and less paper in need of binding ... so put those isosceles triangles of spring steel to clever use in any of these applications.

1. Keep Unruly Wires Tamed

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2. Fasten Together a Fabulous Storage Unit

binder clip shelving

robgiampietro /flickr

3. Display Memorabilia and Ephemera

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4. Store Horizontal Bottles Securely in the Refrigerator

fridge organizer binder clip


5. Turn a Magnet Into a Magnet Clip

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6. Make Industrial-Chic Wine Charms

wine glass markers made of binder clip

Nikchick /flickr

7. Hang Art Without Hurting It

ms.Tea /flickr

8. Use as a Money Clip

binder money clip

ksbuehler /flickr

9. Keep Your Recipe Book Open While Cooking

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10. Clip Together a Dress and Choker

binder clip dress and necklace

Katherine Donaldson /flickr

11. Ditch the Ouchie Straight Pins and Clip Instead

Cinnachick /flickr

12. Store Cables in a Sane Manner

binder clip cord catcher

Matti Mattila /flickr

13. Secure Bike Gear

Earthworm /flickr

14. Make a Smartphone Stand

smartphone stand from binder clip

rich sipe /flickr

15. Organize Plugs at Your Desk

drbakker /flickr

16. Batten Down Canopies and Tents Against the Wind

tent binder clip

veracious jess /flickr