Cleantech Jobs Map

Clean tech is on the map. (Photo: LightAndShare/Shutterstock)

While reading Triple Pundit this morning, I came across Carol McClelland's article Maps Are Worth Ten Thousand Words: Where Cleantech Jobs are in the U.S. McClelland was talking about a map from Earth2Tech that pinpoints the location of 101 cleantech start-ups in the U.S. A quick look at the map shows a dominant presence of start-ups in California and the Northeast.

McClelland discusses how this map can help boost your green jobs search by identifying potential future employers in your area, determining who to watch for in your local media, and to pinpoint other companies that may benefit by the existence of a given company in your area.

Although the map was first created in February 2008 (and updated in December 2008), it is still a useful tool. If you live in cleantech-friendly states like California, it might be easy to find your local cleantech company. If you live in other areas of the country, it may not be as easy.

One biofuel company on the list is Coskata. Coskata is based in Warrenville, Ill. According to Earth2Tech, Coskata’s start-up was partially funded by investments from General Motors and Khosla Ventures.

Head down south to Mississippi and you’ll see that SmartSynch has also made the 101 Cleantech Start-ups list. SmartSynch’s focus is on energy efficiency, and investors in the company include JP Morgan Partners, Duke Ventures and Siemens Venture Capital.

While cleantech companies may be prominent in certain areas of the country, a continued focus on the importance of building green businesses will lead to start-ups in more regions across the nation.