Method Introduces Sheet-Free Dryer Sheets

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In a perfect world we would all dry our clothes on laundry lines: Linens and blouses fluttering against a blue sky, softened by the breeze and sunlight, with a few bluebirds flitting about for good measure. But as it is, the majority of laundry doers are dependent on the convenience of the dryer, and the bevy of not-so-green products that accompany it.

Take dryer sheets, for example. Made of a non-woven fabric web of fine polyester fibers and impregnated with synthetic chemicals, they are neither good for the planet nor our health. Of the 41 dryer sheets listed in Environmental Working Group's Guide to Healthy Cleaning which scores products on health concerns, three products received a rating of C (moderate concern) while the rest received D and F ratings (high and highest concern).

So hats off to Method and the launch of the first ever dryer-activated fabric spray designed to replace fabric softener and the dryer sheet, thus nixing fabric softener being rinsed into wastewater as well as eliminating mountains of dryer sheets from the landfill -- and doing so with healthier ingredients.

The spray is spritzed directly on to clothes in the dryer, and the heat during drying activates a hypoallergenic, plant-based liquid formula in a design that challenges the need for the traditional dryer sheet.

One bottle of the fabric softener spray will work for 100 medium-sized loads of laundry, and the fabric spray bottle is made from 100 percent PCR PET plastic and can be recycled.

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“We’ve designed a breakthrough laundry product that makes the chore of doing laundry much easier, smarter and greener,” says Josh Handy, vice president of Industrial Design at Method. “By delivering an innovative formula in a convenient spray, the level of softening and fragrance can now be customized and the pesky dryer sheet has been eliminated altogether.”

The healthiest choice is to ditch the dryer altogether, but if you’re going to tumble your clothes dry and require a softener, this may be the way to go.

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Method Introduces Sheet-Free Dryer Sheets
Nothing beats line-drying, but Method's new fabric-softener-meets-dryer-sheet spray is better than traditional dryer sheets.

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