Marie Kondo is a graphic novel superhero!

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Her latest publication is every parent's dream come true -- an attempt to get teens to declutter.

If you have teenaged kids with messy rooms, then you are going to love Marie Kondo's latest offering -- a graphic novel, or 'manga,' as it's called in Japan -- that illustrates her popular decluttering methods for young people. The novel features artwork by Yuko Uramoto and is designed to attract a younger generation of declutters, which stays true to Kondo's philosophy that one is never too young to start purging unnecessary stuff. (She even does it with her toddler.)

Called "The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up: A Magical Story," the book tells of a young beverage company executive in her twenties named Chiaki. There's a lot of disorganization in Chiaki's life, from her messy apartment to a lack of direction to an unsuccessful love life, and she has a crush on the cute minimalist guy next door but has no idea how to ask him over under the circumstances. Enter a fictionalized Marie Kondo, a decluttering fairy godmother of sorts, who walks Chiaki through getting her home and life in order. Then, of course, everything falls into place.

Parents are singing the graphic novel's praises, saying it has inspired their teens to declutter. Katherine Roth wrote for the Associated Press:

"While my two sons, ages 12 and 14, had zero interest in her earlier books, they battled over who could rip through Kondo’s manga as soon as they spotted it on the dining room table. And while they rolled their eyes when I asked if it had made a difference in their lives, my younger son was soon putting his desk in order and going through his drawers, and my older son packed for a family trip by carefully rolling his clothes into neat little packets in his suitcase."

Reviews on Amazon are positive, with most people saying it's a fun, entertaining, fast read that gives a good refresher on Kondo's other books. The illustrations are helpful for specific things like her folding techniques.

"This will take you about an hour or less to finish, but it does a great job of getting across the big KonMari mindset (and as Kondo said in her second book, mindset is the most important thing to master for tidying). It's also profound while also being humorous."

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