World Water Week Launches - Are You On Board? Four Ways You Can Take Part

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Sunday marks the start of World Water Week, a global event running from August 17 through the 23rd. Stockholm, Sweden will host experts and decision makers from across the globe to discuss and plan out the world's water issues. it's no small task - we're seeing drought, desertification, and wars already breaking out over the need for more of this disappearing resource. Thanks to the Global Water Challenge, there are four ways you can make a big difference next week. Check out some of the options, and see if you want to take one (or all) on! The Global Water Challenge - a wonderful advocate for clean, fresh water for everyone - has lined out four great, easy ways to help raise awareness and make a difference on the world-wide issue of fresh water. They are:

Host an Event
Hosting an event is one of the most effective ways to achieve all the goals of being a Water Warrior at once - raising awareness and funds; encouraging your elected officials to increase funding for water and sanitation; and turning other people into passionate supporters (aka Water Warriors). Planning an event may seem like it takes a lot of work, but it doesn't have to.

All you have to do is:
1. Have a few of your close friends over to your place for some good food and good company.
2. Have some fun and then take a few minutes to talk about the water and sanitation crisis. We also encourage you to show one of our videos, share our materials and maybe even offer them dirty water (as a joke!).
3. After they know more about the issue, ask for them to get involved by spreading the word, donating money, writing letters to Congress and becoming Water Warriors themselves.

Hosting an event can be as simple as that. For more information, please check out our in-depth host guide that will walk you through each step of putting together an event.

Start an Online Awareness and Fundraising Campaign
We realize that not everyone will be able to host event and that's okay. You can still make a big difference by messaging your friends about the water and sanitation crisis with simple online tools, like email, Facebook, Twitter and whatever other creative means. Share with them a few basic facts about the problem, how they can get involved and a link to donate.

Take Photos or Video of you Carrying 40 Pounds
Stand in solidarity with the millions of people who frequently have to carry up to 40 pounds of water for as long as 3 miles. Take photos or video of yourself or friends holding something that is 40 pounds. It can be anything -- your dog, weights, even your younger sibling! We'll post what you send us online, to highlight the growing awareness about the issue.

Contact Your Members of Congress
Members of Congress will be back in their district during August recess, so consider visiting their local office, or writing a personal note about the importance of increasing funding for water and sanitation globally. You can find a sample letter online at Global Water Challenge and you can look up your members of Congress here as well.

More Ways You Can Get Involved:
Check out these great documentaries on the world water crisis
See just what the worst polluted water sources look like
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