Wisconsin Signs Great Lakes Compact

great lakes water scene photo

I know. It's a snore. But it is an important snore, another step toward protecting one of the continent's greatest resources. Why? Read this editorial from the Oshkosh Northwestern:

"For years, especially as the Baby Boomer generation has aged, we've seen our mothers, fathers, grandmother and grandfathers pick up stakes and pack their 25-mpg Conestogas for warmer weather – for Florida, for Arizona. They are our "snowbirds." Well, soon, if not already, the migration isn't exactly a no-brainer. In exchange for no snow shoveling, Wisconsin emigrants are moving into a danger zone, the lands of environmentally-unfriendly energy and water shortages, especially in the booming desert southwest.

Having the Great Lakes Compact in place assures these folks (and entire generations of eco-savvy, recreation-hungry younger Americans, too) will long have a Wisconsin to return to that harbors clean, abundant water – a Wisconsin that will welcome those who care to enjoy it and help sustain it. It's not unreasonable to expect that, in not too long, the state will see an eco-boom – a reverse exodus, a return." ::Oshkosh Northwestern via ::Great Lakes Blogger