Why Is This Man Smiling?


Because he manages Cooroy Mountain Spring Water in Queensland, an Australian state where they are running out of public fresh water. Premier Peter Beattie says said that falling water levels had left his state administration with no option but to introduce recycled water in south-eastern Queensland, starting from next year. "We're not getting rain; we've got no choice," he told ABC radio. "These are ugly decisions, but you either drink water or you die. There's no choice. It's liquid gold, it's a matter of life and death." There is nothing necessarily wrong with recycled water- it is filtered and treated and as clean as the so-called fresh water that has passed over agricultural land, with all the droppings of livestock and wildlife. It is standard practice in Singapore and the UK, but some people are nervous; hence a "business opportunity" .::BBC

Somehow Mr. Aldous's company controls a natural spring at the base of Mount Cooroy, and last year sold 20 million litres. He expects to make a lot of money. Said the head of the "Australasian Bottled Water Institute" -"It's hard to say how many, but there will definitely be some people who will not welcome drinking recycled water and will look for bottled alternatives." ::Courier Mail

What is wrong with this picture? (and thanks for the help, Warren!)

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