Why August is the Best Month for the Oceans

ocean bluff scene

Photo via DavidK-Oregon via Flickr CC

Today is World Ocean Day. Not only is it World Ocean Day, it's the first official World Ocean Day. So what better day to announce that our sister site Planet Green will be embarking on a month-long effort in August to bring you everything you ever wanted and needed to know about the oceans. Check out all the amazing stuff in store for you during Blue August.August will bring you both on-air and on-line programming from Planet Green, so you can catch everything to do with the oceans, from the cool flora and fauna that live in it, to the most pressing issues threatening the health of our waters.

Planet Green President and General Manager Laura Michalchyshyn states, "With this special month of programming, Planet Green is shining a spotlight on the critical and complex role our oceans and water play in the health of our planet and to those who do and will inhabit this earth. Working with leading experts and a team of distinguished partners, Planet Green will leverage all of its platforms during Blue August to engage our audiences in understanding and protecting this elemental part of life on Earth."

In other words, all the resources Planet Green has will be devoted to our oceans. And it's not just Planet Green that'll be taking part. Check out what is in store for you:

Hosts Philippe and Alexandra Cousteau draw on the half-century legacy of their legendary family of explorers, bringing their engaging personalities, individual expertise and experience to Blue August through short-form content and entertaining hosted segments throughout the month;

Poignant and vivid programming including the network premiere of the award-winning series Blue Planet, the world premiere of Acid Test: The Challenge of Ocean Acidification, an original, groundbreaking documentary by NRDC featuring Sigourney Weaver and a special oceans-themed episode of Focus Earth with Bob Woodruff;

All month long on PlanetGreen.com, readers can engage with a broad range of original content from viewing slideshows of jaw-dropping waves to voting for your favorite sea creature to beach tips 101. Get involved with volunteer activities, get informed with buying guides and get started using everyday actions with big impact;

TreeHugger.com goes deep with a comprehensive look at the state of our oceans and clean water with the latest politics, opinion, news and findings. Interviews and special features with thought leaders and experts, explore the present challenges and future solutions for a healthy blue planet.

Renowned environmental advocacy and conservation organizations Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Ocean Conservancy and Oceana bring resources and information about humankind's role in protecting and improving the future of our oceans and waterways to the month;

And, The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) joins the month-long event with research, scientific findings and political context about water and ocean issues spanning the globe.

Pretty sweet. So get your fill of all things fresh water this month on TreeHugger, and gear up for all things ocean in August.

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