What's in the Water? Ask the National Tap Water Quality Database

If you’ve ever been curious to know what’s really in the water coming out of your tap, there is now a fun and user-friendly way to find out what may be poisoning you. The Environmental Working Group has created the National Tap Water Quality Database, the result of the largest ever evaluation of drinking-water contaminants. The database, 2.5 years in the making, looks at more than 22 million water quality tests and organizes the results such that people can search by city, state, or by contaminant, to see what’s in their water and what health issues are related to each substance. The scariest of their findings is that, of the 260 contaminants found in U.S. drinking water, more than half do not fall under any regulation at all. Among the unregulated are the auto fuel additive MTBE and jet fuel ingredient perchlorate, both of which can be found at my very own Los Angeles kitchen sink. :: National Tap Water Quality Database