We're Sorry Celine: Not Such A Water Hog After All

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A while back we made a big splash about Celine Dion's use of 6.5 million gallons of water per year for a house that she didn't even live in, and got hosed in the comments by many of her fans. It turns out that her staff doesn't check the bills they pay too carefully, and just sent in a cheque for $36,343 to cover the bill. Once the story came out, they looked more carefully and found a broken water main. According to the Palm Beach Post:

"Except for a few new trees that need heavy watering, barely any landscaping was done during that time," said the Canadian star's local lawyer, Michael Weeks. "Something went wrong."

A water main underneath the $12.5 million property was broken by heavy equipment in May 2007 when crews demolished the existing home.


spreadsheet showing water use provided by Dion's company

"Once the underground pipe was located and repaired, water usage subsided back to normal levels," said Weeks. "By January 2008, the property was using an amount of water that I would expect to be one of the lowest on Jupiter Island."

In March, Dion paid a mere $216.75 for water.

However, this makes the director of utilities, Shannon Dunne, look even more the fool for the statement "it looks like higher-than-usual water usage. In reality, per acre, it's only a little above average"- isn't that the job of a director of utilities? ::Palm Beach Post thanks, commenter PK!
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