Wednesday is World Water Day

Its World Water Day on Wednesday, March 22. The United Nations instituted this international celebration of water and the role it plays in shaping our lives in 1992 and this year the theme is Water and Culture. The concept encourages us to expand our vision of water-it is at the heart of many religious ceremonies, it's been represented in art, music, painting, legends and myths and cinema. ::World Water Day Events around the world have been planned; some in Kathmandu, Fiji, Algeria are very local and oriented towards school children, whilst others in Mexico, Canada and South America are conferences on specific issues.

Despite the bureaucratic tone evoked by perceptions of United Nations sponsored events, some interesting things are taking place. ( a full list of events worldwide here)

In New York an exhibit is being held highlighting water's role in the global In England the World Clean Water Campaign is being launched.


A new consumer item has been created: a lovely necklace and bangle with a droplet symbolising water are being sold with a portion of the cost being donated to WaterAid .
-From Bonnie in London

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