Wear Your Ocean-Loving Heart on Your Sleeve

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Image via New England Aquarium

Looking for a way to wear your ocean-loving heart on your sleeve? The New England Aquarium has an organic cotton t-shirt that you could sport for http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Ocean_Day">World Ocean Day next month. It's a starter idea for the many things you could do to help out the oceans and water ways. The t-shirt (complete with a phrase that errs barely on this side of pretentious green flaunting) lets people know that you care about the oceans. It runs for $22.99 and can be found online at the New England Aquarium website.

Consider wearing this or something similar on World Ocean Day, which is Monday, June 8. Even if you don't want to sport a shirt touting your ocean activism, you might want to consider fun activities that benefit your local aquarium, like visiting it and leaving behind a small donation, taking them up on their offer to adopt an animal (a program most aquariums have that help them offset the cost of keeping the plants and animals), or donating to a deserving ocean-related non-profit organization. And of course there's always the daily activism of eating only seafood that is sustainably harvested, conserving water, and keeping litter off the beaches and out of waterways.

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