WaterGeeks New Stainless Steel, BPA-Free, Filtered Water Bottles Makes Great Stocking Stuffer

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This past summer, Jaymi tested a couple of filtered water bottle options and filtered them out based on price, functionality and even complexity of ingredients found in the filter. Now, WaterGeeks throws their hat in the ring with a stainless steel version of these self-filtering water bottles, but can you take it with you wherever you go?One problem Jaymi noted with the other filtered water bottles was that you can't really take them with you. While they will filter municipal water just fine, so you can feel better about drinking out of a tap, they still won't filter the really nasty things you find swimming in streams in the deep woods. So, those filtered water bottles are more like city-fied water bottles.

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What about the new stainless steel WaterGeeks bottle? Turns out, in this category at least they are just like all the others. Great for filtering tap water, but not so great if you're lost in the woods. On the other hand, these bottles are made from stainless steel, meaning they will be more durable than a plastic bottle, and you don't run the risk of them leaching toxins into your water. Earlier this year, Sigg, maker of another stainless steel water bottle announced a recall because some of their bottles contained BPA (Note: SIGG bottles are now BPA free). These WaterGeeks bottles avoided that hurdle as well by making their bottles from steel, thus eliminating the need for a liner and making the bottles BPA-free from the get go.

What else can these bottles do? These filters are specifically designed to filter out lead, chlorine and heavy metals, "tastes, odors and other potential contaminants from tap water." For parents sending children off to school and concerned about lead, or for college students spending hours in the library without a break, this bottle allows the user to feel safe about their water choices. The curvy design also makes the bottle easier to hold. 60% of the materials in the bottles come from recycled materials and then if you happen to run your bottle over, you can always recycle that steel.

The new WaterGeeks stainless steel water bottle with filter is now available for sale and retails for $10.99 USD. They come in 60 different color combinations and also make great stocking stuffers.

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