Waterex: Water Out of Thin Air

Here is a technology which raises an eyebrow in the first glance, but shows so much promise, we have to bring it to your attention. The Waterex water maker condenses water out of the air and serves it up hot or cold. It looks a bit like the traditional water cooler, but it can go where plumbing can't: such as your off-grid mansion or your crewed Yacht. OK, that's the "who needs to pay 1000 Pounds Sterling (about 1780 US Dollars) for a water filter" sarcasm showing its face. And although Waterex has filled their website with lots of blurbs emphasizing the number of people without access to clean water, the humidity in the air of the most water deprived locations will certainly limit its utility for solving the world's crisis. But the concept is interesting, and maybe if the rich popularize this gadget, Waterex's R&D; will lead to a portable everyman's version? The wind-up Waterex?
The technical details: Waterex claims the unit will produce water for as low as 0.05 USD per liter. Treehugger note: if you could turn your A/C off in the less humid room, some efficiency could be achieved. It can produce 30 liters (7.9 gallons per day and store 20 liters (5.3 gallons), recommended for supporting up to ten people. A five stage filtration system ensures the purest drinking water--and will clean up the air in your room too. For more detail, see Waterex. You can compare and contrast with the Air2Water Dolphin to find the right model for your needs.