Water: Saving the Planet One Drop at a Time


We have been fretting about our carbon footprints, but we also need to worry about our water footprints: the choices we make in how we live and what we eat are critical. The impact of diet choices is surprising: "The new view begins with the understanding that agriculture is the 900-pound gorilla of water management and water pollution. According to a 2004 FAO report, 3 per cent of the world's water is used by cities, 4 per cent by industry and 93 per cent by agriculture. This sector pays minimal water bills and is responsible for jeopardizing ecosystems by altering the flow of rivers and damming waters for irrigation." "To produce 1 kilogram of boneless beef, according to a definitive 2004 UNESCO study on the "water footprint of nations," it takes 6.5 kilograms of grain, 36 kilograms of roughage (coarse grains and pasture) and 155 litres of drinking water.

Since the grains and roughage also require water, there's enough to float a destroyer before a steer gets to the slaughterhouse. One hamburger, according to the UNESCO report, embodies 2,400 litres of water, the unsung source that does it all for you. " ::Now Magazine on Agriculture

The always interesting Wayne Roberts proposes a five point plan to save our most precious resource:

1- Make water a human right
2- adopt a real storm management plan
3- boycott bottled water
4-Create national standards for clean drinking water and keep water services in public hands
5-ban water exports and diversions- protect water habitat

read it all in ::Now Magazine