Wall Street Journal Attacks the Rich Again

The all-new socially conscious, conserving, almost TreeHuggerish Wall Street Journal covers the Palm Beach waterfront again, finding all of the water scofflaws joining Nelson Peltz in the pool. They write "Palm Beach's water world highlights the drain on natural resources caused by today's wealthy and their ever-bigger estates. Efforts by everyday families to take shorter showers and let their lawns go brown are a drop in the bucket compared with the water use of mansion owners -- even when they're "conserving."-strong language from the WSJ. They quote the Audobon Society:

"It's an outrage that so much water is being used for single residences,
" says Eric Draper, deputy director of Audubon of Florida, an environmental group. "Our water supplies are at historically low levels and yet you see these big homes with perfectly green lawns." Mr. Draper added that it's "very difficult to tell Joe Homeowner to cut back on his water use if he knows that in Palm Beach they're not cutting back at all."

As Victor Laszlo said to Rick Blaine: "Welcome back to the fight. This time I know our side will win." ::Wall Street Journal

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