Visible Shower Tank Helps Visualize Water Use

BRS water storage image

Images via Yanko Design

Usually water-saving design concepts for showers are some sort of electronic gadget that makes your water use visible -- by showing how much you're using, how much of an impact you're making on the planet with your water footprint, or scoring you on reducing your environmental footprint. However, this shower concept simplifies conservation by showing you your water use in the most literal sense.

BRS water storage image

This shower concept designed by Frank Guo puts your water tank front and center. You can see exactly how much water you have left to use, and can better regulate your shower lengths. In fact, its purpose is to try and move people past running the shower and doing other things while they wait for the water to heat up. When how much water you have to work with is right in front of you, you're probably less inclined to waste it.

BRS water storage image

It's sleek, modern, minimalist, functional, and boosts user awareness -- all great aspects to green design. The only thing we would add is some sort of additional gauge that shows water use/conservation over time, such as the past 30 days, to bolster a competition with oneself or among roomies to keep shrinking water use.

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