Virtual Water


Good design can not only help solve our problems, it can also help teach about them. Designer Timm Kekeritz has created a poster that graphically demonstrates the water footprint of the things that we eat, drink and use. The quantities are enormous. (The poster was also written up in SEED magazine, see TreeHugger here)


The poster got honorable mention at the recent Eco-vis challenge competiton covered at ::we make money not art. Serif notes that "The design itself is minimalistic - using silhouettes and typography only. The fonts used are TheSans and TheSerif by Berlin-based Dutch type designer Luc(as) de Groot. The printed version also shows water drops in a shiny finish, emphasizing the virtual character of the water contained in our everyday goods." ::Serif You can buy a copy of the poster for 25 euros (US$ 36.57) here.


You can get more information about calculating your water footprint at