United Nations Desert Conference In Israel


(camel looking at a sign on the road to the Dead Sea that says "Sea Level")

According to biblical tradition, Jews spent 40 years wandering in the desert in Sinai thousands of years ago before they settled in Israel. Spending all that time in the scorching sun, without much water in sight, may be why Israelis have been resourceful lately in developing water technology, such as drip irrigation and desalinization plants. Earlier this month, Israel hosted the United Nations first Conference on Deserts and Desertification. "We need to learn from the resilience of Israel in developing drylands," Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), Ambassador Gregoire de Kalbermatten told attendees from 30 countries. According to Israel21c, a series of panels and discussions integrated some of the world's leading international desertification experts and included Ghana Fisheries Minister Gladys Asmah, Jordanian Director General of Sustainable Development Dr. Khaled Nassar and India's Dr. Gurbachan Singh, Director of the country's Central Soil Salinity Research Institute. ::Israel21c via ::Stephanella’s Drive-Thru