Ugandans Struggle for Solutions to Fix War-Torn Water Infrastructure

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Uganda has been the site of severe turmoil since civil war broke out in the early 1980s. For the last few years, people have been returning home to northern Uganda to find that their water infrastructure is in ruins. However, with organizational help from Action Against Hunger, ACF International and financial support from European and American governments, residents are being empowered to manage their water resources and utilize advanced technology to ensure access to clean water. Check out a video of the amazing progress after the jump.
Circle of Blue writes that by 2012 Action Against Hunger non-profit plans to develop 28 boreholes and rehabilitate 16 others, though the technology for borehole drilling -- which can drill taps nearly 400 feet deep -- is not widely available in the country.

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With many parts of Africa facing severe water shortages, help such as this is vital. Other organizations working hard to bring Africans drinkable water include Charity:Water, which has broken barriers in using social media outreach to accomplish real world goals, the Global Water Challenge, and a plethora of design teams like Project H.

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