Twittering Your Toilet Flushes for Fun or Efficiency

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Photo via HacklabToilet

Well, this could be an exercise in water conservation, or it could just be another oddball Twitter hack. Someone has hacked a toilet to tweet each time it's flushed. A little TMI? Without a doubt. But, we'll lean towards water conservation side, and focus on how this, um, innovation can help take the "If it's yellow..." motto to the max. We thought it was pretty awesome when we first saw how someone had hacked their home's lights to twitter when they were turned on or off. But now the Twitter hacks are getting a bit silly. It's a stretch, but we wanted to see a potential purpose to this hack. Water conservation...Sure, we'll go with that. If you're going to copy the hack, maybe focus your tweets on water useage facts, efficient least something more useful.

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And the creator keeps a sense of humor:

questions, comments, "what the hell, you must have been really bored" messages, and the like are welcome: shardy @

and now, the information you've been waiting for. if you want to follow the hacklab.TOilet: hacklab.TOilet on twitter.

Via Ubergizmo
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