The Global Water Challenge Comes to Bonnaroo: Video


Flickr user ben_keller

Bonnaroo's cup runneth over with music, but chances were that the cup was biodegradable. Or rather it was a reusable water bottle, refilled at one of the festival's water stations.

As we noted earlier, water was this year's major theme. The non-profit Global Water Challenge, one of TreeHugger's Best of Green this year, was on hand to dip the toes of festival-goers into the world water crisis. Video below.

Following Matt's great conversation with him earlier this month, I spoke with GWC president Paul Faeth at the organization's booth in Planet Roo about how Bonnaroo was lowering its water footprint and the fun, strange way GWC was teaching fans about the difficulties of acquiring safe drinking water in places like India.

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