The German Pavilion Tells a Water Cycle Fairytale at Expo Zaragoza

Expo Zaragoza 2008 graphic

At the end of this week, Expo Zaragoza in Spain, an international, 3 months-long exhibition about water and sustainability, is closing its doors. It will leave behind some interesting architecture such as Zaha Hadid’s Bridge Pavilion over the river Ebro, nicely designed river banks, the 76 meter high Water Tower and a green-roofed Business Centre. The latter houses the pavilions of the various participating countries from all over the world. The German Pavilion called ‘Wunderbar’ (meaning ‘wonderful’ in German) was the one we liked most as it has information for both layman and experts on water and the latest innovation technologies. Images after the jump.

German Pavilion Boat Journey photo

Photographer: Deutscher Pavillon / HMC - Foster

Visitors can relax back on little boats that take you on a journey about water. Cool graphics and interesting designs tell the cycle of a drop of water from the groundwater cavities and a labyrinth of waterways to the Cologne Bay. The message is that we should not just use less but recycle our water right away at home. An example would be use the water from the shower to flush our toilets, a concept that has already been put into practice but is still far from being everybody’s reality.

Rather than dwell on the problems related to water, such as pollution, thirst or draught, the Germans explain the latest innovations to the general public. After the boat ride, you can learn about different systems that are exposed in an interactive and educative way. Examples of such innovations shown are the diamond electrodes technology to clean water, a rainwater purification filter and a UV filter for drinking water treatment to just name a few.

Expo Zaragoza German Pavilion photo

Photographer: Deutscher Pavillon - HMC

The German Pavilion basically provides answers to fundamental questions: Where does drinking water come from? What to do in a flood disaster? What does the future look like for water supplies?

If you can’t make it to Zaragoza for a real floating experience, have a look at the Wunderbar web site for more information. ::Expo Zaragoza08 ::German Pavilion Wunderbar
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