The Bay Vs The Bag - Getting Plastic Out of Bay Area and Everywhere (Video)

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Save the Bay launched a new campaign today to help get plastic bags out of the bay area. The city of San Francisco has already done a lot to banish plastic bags, but there's still a lot of work to be done in other bay area cities. As part of the effort, The Bay Vs The Bag created a cool video. Check it out after the jump.
Bay Area residents use 3.8 billion plastic bags per year and discard over one hundred plastic bags per second, according to the California Integrated Waste Management Board. It is estimated that about one million of these bags wind up in the Bay each year where they pollute the water, smother wetlands and entangle and kill animals.

Fees on single-use bags are proven to reduce litter and plastic bag use and motivate shoppers to switch to reusable bags. In Ireland, a 33 cent fee on plastic bags reduced their use by 90 percent and reduced plastic bag litter by 93 percent in one year, as reported by Ireland's Department of the Environment. IKEA in Britain reports that charging customers for bags resulted in a 95 percent decrease in plastic bag use.

The plastic bag ban has certainly made an impact in the city of San Francisco and while they are still available in retail shops and restaurants that meet certain requirements, it's generally frowned upon if you forget your reuseable shopping bag. Few retailers still make the assumption that you will want or use a bag from the store, let alone plastic.

San Jose is looking to follow suit, and is eyeballing the fee ordinance. If the city passes it, it'll be the first California city to require a fee on both paper and plastic bags. Revenues from the fee will used for litter clean up and prevention, though retailers will be able to keep a portion to offset costs, and low-income customers will be exempt.

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