Tears of a Cloud: A Bottled Water Video Spoof

TreeHugger's aversion to the environmental train smash that is bottled water, is clearly documented (see just a few links below), but sometimes the moving image can capture the essence of an issue in but a few minutes. Such is the case with this little video from the ever inventive Do The Green Thing. We previously pointed out their wonderful work promoting the benefits of walking.

To encourage you to visit their excellent site we include, after the fold, another of their great vids. "Ninjin; The Way of the Vegetable Assassin."

The basis premise of their site is to nudge mainstream towards more sustainable lifestyle choices by providing quirky, wry smile, thought provoking style videos. These fit seven precepts;
1. You get from A to B without any C when you Walk The Walk
2. It's delicious but it causes more CO2 than cars so go Easy On The Meat
3. Resist the urge to buy the latest and Stick With What You Got
4. Turn down the central heating and turn up the Human Heat
5. The art of wasting nothing and using up everything: All-Consuming
6. Instead of jetting your way around the world, Stay Grounded
7. Don't leave it on or even put it on, Plug Out

Take, for instance, these tips to help ward off salespersons tempting you with new unnecessary stuff. Try their suggested comebacks:
• Only try-hards buy hard.
• Did you study shallowness at university? You're good at it.
• Mo' stuff, mo' problems.
• Because I have a value system whereas you my friend have a value cistern.
• Confucius say, he with overflowing cupboards is a damn fool.

It's site full of solid information and witty humour. Check it out.

::Do The Green Thing

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