Tapi Tap Squeezes a Drink from Any Spigot

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The return of water fountains across cities has been the buzz lately, with places like London restoring old fountains and New York setting up new ones, though those are only temporary. It seems as though taking back the tap is finally catching on, and access to free clean water as a basic right is returning along side reusable water canteens as a hip accessory. However, there's an easier way to take back the tap than to carry stainless steel with you, it seems. The Tapi Tap is a little rubber gadget that can turn most any faucet into a fountain for you to sip from. The $4.95 Tapi Tap (made of "water-safe" rubber and okay'd to go in the dishwasher) fits on to "most any tap with a straight spout" and points the water up to you so you can sip from anywhere.

In our culture where we've been taught that the only clean water seems to come from clear plastic bottles, remember that most municipal water is actually very clean -- it's the pipes from which the water flows that poses more of a problem, so you might not want to drink from a faucet in a facility with questionable maintenance. But still, it's a great pocket-sized convenience item that could come in handy when you find yourself without something to drink from except the faucet itself.

While you could use your cupped hands to drink from in a pinch, and so skip the need for any extra "stuff" to carry around, this little device embodies the notion of taking back the tap and so isn't all bad.

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