Strange Waters: The pH Controlling Water Filter

For those of you who want water with that special something (see all of our other posts about Strange (wacko) Waters here) but have been convinced by our arguments against bottled water, we offer the Jupiter pH Water System. This US$ 945 device is "the first Water Ionizer in the world that has BioStone/Tourmaline , which generates negative-ions as soon as it makes contact with water. It activates water to assist in support of our metabolism, and circulation of blood. It also assists with skin diseases and actually helps to increase metabolism though better conductivity. In addition, Tourmaline generates FIR that enlarges capillaries, purifies water, and acts like a 'supercharger', assisting the water alkalizer to ionize and alkalize." to top it all off, "The JP104 has the new BioStone filter, which ‘supercharges’ output water by increasing its ‘wetness’ by 101% and ability to hold negative ion charge." What more could we ask for? ::Jupiter Melody via ::Red Ferret