Strange Waters: Aquamantra for Valentines Day


We are so sorry that we missed Aquamantra when we did our Strange Waters survey of really silly ways to convince people that their bottled water is worth paying money for. Like H2Om, It follows Dr. Masaru Emoto's explanation of how, using the basic principles of quantum theory, the "molecular structure of water was changed by a Zen Buddhist monk’s thought. Based on this premise, Aquamantra uses the design on its labels to affect the molecular structure of California natural spring water to make it more refreshing and wholesome to drink." In time for Valentine's day, they have introduced a new mantra, "I am Loved" to go along with their usual offerings of "I am healthy" and I am lucky". Aquamantra "started the company to educate anyone who’s not defined as a Cultural Creative, that thru theories of quantum education we have learned how powerful the old adage mind over matter really is." Well, we have shown water for dogs, we might as well have a quantum version for Schrödinger's cat. ::Aquamantra, available at Whole Foods, who should know better.