Strange Waters #5: K9 Water for Dogs


K9 Water Co. .offers you Toilet Water, Puddle Water, Hose Water and Gutter Water, the world’s first vitamin fortified bottled water specifically formulated to provide your dog with essential vitamins that contribute to overall good health and provide the hydration your dog needs. "Everyone knows that hydration is essential to the health of a dog, but what you may not realize is that dogs often lose vitamins just like humans do. Rather than trying to get your dog to swallow a pill, or mix a chalky powder in their water, they can reap the benefits of taking a good multi vitamin in a great tasting flavored water. The Original K9 Water™ is fortified with vitamins and minerals that contribute to your dogs’ overall good health, while providing essential hydration." Available in beef, chicken, liver and lamb flavours. ::K9 Water